Wide and modern installations with the highest quality and safety standards.


Its wide and modern installations enable IAS to carry out activities with the highest standards of quality and safety. Also, IAS has a large expansion area which has already been prepared and has environmental licensing.


Well located close to the Green Line, IAS is a few minutes from the Belo Horizonte International Airport, in Confins, and also to the downtown area.


State-of-the-art installations equipped and certified by the main companies and civil and government institutions of the industry.


Our team is available 24/7, adapting to the development and maintenance needs of your company or institution.


Our team works on developing ideas and innovation. We have a test bench built to enable testing and certifying solutions.


Capacity and experience in developing special tools and devices for a wide range of applications in aeronautical maintenance.


Rapid and efficient communication with manufacturers and customers during repair operations, assuring the highest degree of reliability.


The IAS development team projected and built modern test benches covering its wide range of services in the general refurbishing and repairs of aircraft engines.

On the test bench, the engine is prepared for situations that simulate flight and operational conditions. Pressure, vibration, temperature, thrust and fuel consumption, among many other parameters. With the use of software, the reactions of the engine are recorded by a specialized team in the control area. The data is analyzed in detail to check the performance of the engine. After an analysis of the information, the engine is approved.


Test bench for engines of up to 5100 SHP


The IAS component test workshop has modern projected benches, developed and built by their own Development team. This means that, after a repair or refurbishing the components are tested according to the manufacturers’ demands with the highest degree of reliability.


IAS has capacity and experience in developing special tools and devices for a wide range of applications in aeronautical maintenance. It also has the capacity to carry out projects and manufacturing according to specifications, always according to the OEM.


All software for management and acquisition of data used by IAS in its trials and test benches  were developed by its Development team. This means that, since IAS has the source codes, modifications and adaptations can be done with speed.

Programming – Block Diagram

Control Panel Completed

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