IAS – Indústria de Aviação e Serviços

IAS is a Strategic Defense Company guided by a dynamic relation between market needs and the capacity of nationalization of the maintenance of turbo machines and their accessories, electro-mechanical components and structures.


Safety: In aviation, all are responsible for flight safety.

Quality: Quality products are key for the longevity of the business.

Passionate about Customers: If the Company is not passionate about Customers, Customers will not be passionate about the Company.

Creativity and Innovation: To be the best we always have to be ahead of the competitors and it is only with creative solutions and innovation that this is possible.

Accountability: The Company is committed to a transparent, responsible and ethical stance in its relations to society.

Integrated Management Policy

IAS recognizes as corporate strategy the excellence on aeronautic components maintenance activities, based on quality of service, product safety, environment protection, the well being of your employee and committing itself in being social responsible, considering the following:

  • Satisfaction of customers, employees and other stackeholders.
  • Continuous improvement of processes, products and services through the management company of the IAS Integrated Management System and its effectiveness.
  • Preservation of the Environment through the control of environmental aspects and their associated impacts.
  • Totally fulfillment of all laws, norms and procedures applied to the Company.
  • Preservation of the health of employees, suppliers and other stakeholders through the control of hazards and their associated risks.
  • Product safety by encouraging employees and other stakeholders to report failures, errors, nonconformities and deviations in the process through the issuance of reports that may affect the safety of the product and guarantee that no punitive action will result.
  • Contribute for the company, people and society growth.

Certifications and Approvals


Authorized Service Center

Authorized Service Center

Technical Support Agreement (TSA) for engine PW100

Support for the electro-mechanical components of F5 of the Brazilian Airforce (FAB)

Service center for engines VK-2500 and gearbox VR-24

+ 55 31 3623-6309
+ 55 31 3623-6304


Av. Marconi Issa, 300 - Perobas
São José da Lapa - Minas Gerais
Brasil - CEP 33350-000