Brazil has filled more political spaces, gained more influence and won new markets. While seeking to overcome economic and social challenges of our time, we must not neglect the defense of the Nation, which is the responsibility of all and not just of one specific sector of the country.

Law nr. 12.598/2012, drawn up by the Ministry of Defense to foster the Defense Industry brings employment and technology to the nation. The Ministry of Defense also certified strategic companies and products. This law ensures that the companies classified as strategic have competitive advantages to sell, for example, combat aircraft, war products, munitions, cybernetic equipment, chemical and robotics for the Armed Forces and foreign buyers.

As a result, it is estimated that this industry will be able to provide 60 thousand direct jobs and 240 thousand indirect jobs. The objective of this process is to contribute to strengthen the Brazilian defense and security industrial, logistics, scientific and technological base for the social and economic growth and technological independence of Brazil.

Certifications and Approvals

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