“You can only say you operate safely when you know, monitor and know how to deal with the technical issues of aircraft. This must be the daily routine of aviators and aircraft operators, whether flying as work or for pleasure”.

At IAS we take on a daily reputation test to ensure that you can always fly with safety and reliability, that whenever you fly you can feel at ease, because IAS has the mission of keeping you flying, increasing the availability of aircraft and reducing operational costs.

Our staff is dedicated to excellence and innovation. We do not do only what is right, we always seek a way of doing better, developing procedures for in-house repairs with the manufacturers and reducing the costs of your operation.

We are national leaders in the industry of refurbishing reaction (turbine) engines, components and electro-mechanical accessories.

Our goal is to mitigate the complexity of flying, providing a single national service, certified by the manufacturer for the necessary maintenance.

Certifications and Approvals

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